lets talk ATTENTION

For any business to be successful it needs to have attention from its customers which is obvious, but its owners are just as IMPORTANT which is why ensuring your business has the attention it needs is so important. As a small business owner, I too like to find ways to reduce expenditure in hope to gain a satisfactory profit. The utmost expense nearly all small business owners choose to reduce cost on is MARKETING cost and without knowing it you could be doing your business more harm than good.  Without marketing you are setting yourself up for the hard yards from the get-go, you will find yourself forever chasing CUSTOMERS and with no attention being drawn to your business you will see a downturn in trade and REVENUE declining.

Are you paying ATTENTION, is your business feeling neglected? NOW is the time to REFORM. As mentioned earlier, we like to save on cost when it comes to business and marketing, so here Tidy Books Plus have put together some helpful tips to get you started.

  1. Take time out and have a business review, look at all areas of your business and highlight where work is needed then hatch a plan. 

  2. If you've been around awhile look to re-brand - as the old saying goes "change is as good as a holiday"  and like ourselves when we are feeling dull we go out and get a haircut so do the same here, give your business a new exciting logo that screams "look at me" make a statement that brings it back to life.

  3. Advertising your business does not mean you have to go out and spend big on fancy posters or billboards, there are many other effective and simple ways to advertise without digging deep into your pockets - see listed below.

+ include your logo in your email signature + include your logo when sharing on social media + offer your help in your community + keep your business cards handy as you never know who you may bump into + publish relevant and great content via blogs, newsletters, or videos + encourage your customers to spread the word by offering a reward - word of mouth is a powerful tool  + invite your customers in by hosting an event in your community, in store or online

Do not let yourself get stuck in cruise mode, make sure you take the time to give your business regular "check-ups" as just like us we need these to know we have good health and are functioning well. Giving your business attention will attract attention.

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